A Delicious Spicy Kick!

The delicious fiery flavours in Spicirub deliver a delicious spicy kick to grilled or oven-baked meat, fish, vegetables or potato.


How to use

Cover meat with olive oil and fresh lemon juice and then rub with Spicirub (use a generous amount, 2-3 tbsp per pound of meat, fish, vegetable or potato – and more if you like a stronger flavour) to create an even coating. For fish, vegetables and potatoes, use a large bowl and toss the food to coat it all over.


No need for salt

This Spicirub blend includes the traditional Red Loon seasoning salt too so there’s no need to add any additional salt to your dish.


Use Spicirub dry or wet?

Dry is ideal if your cooking for a shorter time on a higher temperature
Wet is perfect for longer cooking at lower temperature.

Dry rub is a great last minute method of seasoning a dish if you’re busy – leave for an hour if possible to allow more depth of flavour.

If using dry, pat meat, vegetables, fish or potato dry to remove any moisture. Add the Spicirub and rub in evenly to create a crunchy texture – either cook under the grill or in the oven.