Awaken your Taste Buds!

What does RedLoon mean?

In Punjabi Loon means salt, but RedLoon’s seasoning and rub are so much more than that as they literally magically enhance the flavour of any dish. Forget plain old table salt, RedLoon is bolder and better!


RedLoon Seasoning

Use this amazingly, versatile seasoning to take your favourite foods to a whole new level, creating delicious taste sensations you never knew existed!

Sprinkle over meat, fish, vegetables, eggs, soups, pizza, rice or potatoes; or you can even mix it with yoghurt as a dip, or use to intensify the flavour of fruit!

One simple step to transform dishes from blah to ta-dah!


RedLoon Spicirub

Spicirub is bursting with flavour and designed to elevate every dish by delivering the perfect balance of punchy extra heat, together with an explosive concoction of tasty, aromatic spices. Created with RedLoon seasoning as its base there’s no need to add extra salt, just mix Spicirub with a little oil and fresh lemon juice and use it as a marinade one hour before cooking for maximum flavour. Perfect with meat, chicken, fish, seafood, potatoes and veggies. Great for grilling and roasting, or creating a brilliantly mouth-watering barbecue feast.